Desi Globetrotter is an international online travel lifestyle magazine + blog dedicated to inspiring people to travel the world independently – by exploring local cultures, stepping out of their comfort zone and learning about themselves and others while on the move to their next destination, whether on a two week trip or a ’round the world journey.

Desi Globetrotter originally launched as a passion project in May 2012 to connect South Asians from around the globe with a love for independent world travel. “Desi” is slang for people, cultures and products from the Indian subcontinent (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) and also refers to the South Asian diaspora living in Canada, US, UK and beyond.

Since 2012, Desi Globetrotter has evolved into inspiration for not only South Asians travellers, but travellers from around the world inspired by global cultures, arts, design, food and adventure.

Desi Globetrotter Features:

Through original and curated storytelling, destination guides, travel tips, round-ups, guest posts, profiles, interviews, listicles as well as personal reflections, Desi Globetrotter highlights:

Global Arts:

A focus on global arts through a travel lens. Get a glimpse of local culture through the arts. From featuring street art to textile design + artisanal products, contemporary art museums to architecture and photography, Desi Globetrotter focuses on creating inspiring original and curated content highlighting world art and artists to travellers.

Cultural Travel:

Desi Globetrotter aims to highlight the people and their destination through a cultural lens by respectfully learning, celebrating and understanding traditions, connections, customs and similarities found through experiential travel.

Connecting through Food:

Whether its taking a cooking class from a local, trying street food, highlighting regional cuisine or sitting down for a meal and a conversation, Desi Globetrotter aims to understand the flavours, the people and cultures of a country through its food.


In this hectic world, travel is a way to help rejuvenate the soul. Through stories of spa + wellness, Desi Globetrotter aims to show why we all need a break at times.

Travel Journey:

A traveller’s journey is just as important as the destination. Whether you’re a solo traveller, travelling as a couple or travelling as a family, Desi Globetrotter shares personal stories on how travel can change a person.

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